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Examples of 'cringe' in a Sentence

1. Watching the horror movie made me cringe with fear.
2. The secondhand embarrassment made me cringe uncontrollably.
3. The cheesy pick-up line made her cringe and walk away.
4. The bad acting in the play made the audience cringe.
5. His outdated fashion sense made me cringe.
6. The tasteless joke made everyone cringe in discomfort.
7. The public speaking mishap made me cringe on behalf of the speaker.
8. The awkward silence in the room made me cringe.
9. The politician's offensive statement made many people cringe.
10. The failed attempt at humor made the comedian cringe.
11. The grammatical errors in the article made me cringe.
12. The embarrassing moment on live television made the host cringe.
13. The social media post received so many cringe-worthy comments.
14. He cringed as he saw the old photo of himself with a bad haircut.

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