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Examples of 'criterion' in a Sentence

1. The hiring manager established a set of criteria to screen potential candidates.
2. The athlete met all the qualifying criteria to participate in the competition.
3. The scientific research was evaluated based on rigorous criteria for methodology and results.
4. The restaurant was awarded a five-star rating based on several culinary criteria.
5. The project proposal was rejected because it did not meet the necessary criteria.
6. The committee established a set of criteria to determine eligibility for the grant.
7. The decision was made based on objective criteria rather than personal opinions.
8. The investment portfolio was analyzed based on various financial criteria.
9. The car was evaluated based on safety, fuel efficiency, and other criteria.
10. The school's admission process includes both academic and extracurricular criteria.
11. The city's zoning regulations are based on specific criteria for land use.
12. The job candidate was assessed based on their skills, experience, and other relevant criteria.
13. The research paper was rejected because it did not meet the criteria for originality.
14. The selection of the winner was based on a combination of criteria, including creativity and innovation.

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