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Examples of 'critical' in a Sentence


1. The critical decision had long-term implications for the future of the company.
2. The success of the mission hinged on critical factors such as timing and coordination.
3. The scientist made a critical discovery that could revolutionize the field of medicine.
4. The critical error in the software caused the system to crash repeatedly.
5. The team faced critical challenges that required innovative solutions.
6. The critical decision could shape the company's future.
7. His critical analysis revealed flaws in the project.
8. Time management is critical for meeting deadlines.
9. The doctor's critical diagnosis required immediate attention.
10. Critical thinking skills are vital for problem-solving.
11. The budget shortfall poses a critical challenge.
12. The team's collaboration was critical to their success.
13. Public support is critical for the charity's mission.
14. The CEO faced a critical moment in her career.
15. Environmental protection is critical for future generations.
16. The safety protocol is critical in high-risk industries.
17. The election results had critical implications for policy.
18. Diplomacy played a critical role in resolving the conflict.
19. The data breach had critical cybersecurity implications.
20. The critical feedback helped improve the product.
21. Critical feedback should be constructive, not destructive.
22. Team morale is critical during challenging times.
23. The project's critical path needed close monitoring.
24. Critical acclaim followed the artist's latest work.
25. The critical examination of evidence is essential in court.


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