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Examples of 'criticize' in a Sentence


1. She chose to criticize the book's plot rather than appreciating its themes.
2. It's essential to criticize ideas, not attack the person behind them.
3. Artistic expression is subjective; one shouldn't harshly criticize it.
4. The coach's job is to motivate and guide, not just criticize.
5. Diplomacy involves finding solutions, not just criticizing problems.
6. I don't want to criticize your effort, but there is room for improvement.
7. People often criticize what they don't understand.
8. He will criticize my report if I don’t check the facts.
9. It is easy to criticize others without offering a solution.
10. They criticize her fashion choices relentlessly.
11. She is hesitant to criticize the professor's approach.
12. Don't just criticize, try to help as well.
13. If you criticize my cooking, then you can make dinner!
14. It's not helpful to constantly criticize your teammates.
15. Critics criticize films they deem unworthy of praise.
16. When you criticize someone's beliefs, do it respectfully.
17. Managers should not criticize employees in front of others.
18. Politicians frequently criticize each other's policies.
19. Why do you always criticize my decisions?
20. Fans criticize the team's performance after a bad season.
21. It’s good to criticize your own work to improve.
22. Artists often face criticism and must learn how to handle those who criticize them.
23. When parents criticize their children too harshly, it can damage self-esteem.
24. Scholars often criticize historical documents to better understand the past.


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