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Examples of 'cross' in a Sentence

1. In the morning, I cross the river by a small boat.
2. To catch the bus, I have to cross two blocks.
3. Eagles cross the canyon with grace and power.
4. They will cross the desert, despite the heat.
5. To find food, animals cross dangerous terrains.
6. I cross international borders with ease now.
7. Soldiers cross enemy lines under the cover of night.
8. Every year, birds cross continents, migrating.
9. In the game, players must cross various obstacles.
10. Fishermen cross the lake before the sun rises.
11. I cross my garden daily to pick fresh vegetables.
12. To escape danger, refugees cross borders.
13. Trains cross countries, connecting cultures.
14. I'll cross the meadow to reach the hidden pond.
15. Explorers cross jungles, encountering wildlife.
16. Adventurers cross mountains seeking the unknown.
17. They cross oceans, facing storms and waves.
18. To reunite, lovers cross vast distances.
19. The hero will cross dark forests in his journey.
20. In autumn, leaves cross the sidewalks, driven by wind.
21. With each leap, frogs cross ponds and streams.
22. Tourists cross the plaza, taking in the sights.
23. To deliver mail, postmen cross neighborhoods.
24. During migrations, butterflies cross countries.

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