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Examples of 'crucial' in a Sentence


1. Proper nutrition is crucial for supporting overall growth and development, especially in children.
2. Attention to detail is crucial in maintaining the accuracy and quality of work.
3. Teamwork is crucial in achieving collective goals and overcoming challenges.
4. Effective decision-making is crucial for successful leadership and organizational growth.
5. In emergency situations, quick response and action are crucial for saving lives and minimizing damage.
6. Clear communication is crucial for effective teamwork.
7. The pilot's quick thinking was crucial during the emergency.
8. Gathering accurate data is crucial for informed decisions.
9. Proper planning is crucial for a successful project.
10. A healthy diet is crucial for overall well-being.
11. Time management is crucial to meet deadlines.
12. Trust is crucial in building strong relationships.
13. Education is crucial for personal and societal growth.
14. Adequate funding is crucial for research projects.
15. Safety precautions are crucial in hazardous environments.
16. Leadership skills are crucial for guiding a team.
17. Adaptability is crucial in a constantly changing world.
18. Collaboration is crucial for solving complex problems.
19. Quality control is crucial in manufacturing processes.
20. Innovation is crucial for staying competitive.
21. Honesty is crucial for maintaining trust and integrity.
22. Preservation of natural resources is crucial for sustainability.
23. Critical thinking is crucial for problem-solving.
24. The first step is crucial in achieving any goal.
25. Learning from failure is crucial for personal growth.


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