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Examples of 'crucible' in a Sentence

1. The tournament was a crucible for the chess players, testing their strategic thinking.
2. The mission was a crucible for the astronauts, testing their physical and mental endurance.
3. The performance was a crucible for the actors, testing their ability to convey emotion and authenticity.
4. The exam was a crucible for the students, testing their knowledge and understanding.
5. The crisis was a crucible for the community, testing their resilience and solidarity.
6. Adversity's crucible forges character and resilience in individuals.
7. Trust is tested severely in the crucible of betrayal.
8. Innovation often thrives brilliantly in the crucible of necessity.
9. Friendship deepens through shared crucibles in life.
10. Courage emerges from the fiery crucible of fear.
11. Success frequently rises from the crucible of past failures.
12. Leadership skills are expertly honed in the crucible of tough decisions.
13. Love endures through the crucible of both time and distance.
14. Exploration's flame burns brightly within the crucible of curiosity.
15. Artistic brilliance often blossoms within emotional crucibles.
16. Trustworthiness, proven integrity, stands firm through time's crucible.
17. Education is a transformative crucible, molding young minds.
18. Resilience's steel is strengthened in the crucible of life's trials.
19. Invention's spark often ignites within the crucible of necessity.
20. Dreams materialize through the unyielding crucible of determination.
21. Adversity's crucible acts as a mirror, revealing true character.
22. Personal growth sprouts from the fertile soil of life's crucibles.
23. Uncertainty tests the mettle of resolve within its crucible.
24. Shared crucibles fortify trust among companions and allies.
25. Life's crucibles serve as nurturing grounds for personal development.


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