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Examples of 'crush' in a Sentence

1. The love letter was carefully written, expressing all the feelings that the sender had for their crush.
2. Chris couldn't contain his happiness when his crush agreed to go on a date with him.
3. The school hallway became a nerve-wracking place for Tom, always hoping to catch a glimpse of his crush.
4. Sam's crush on the lead singer of the band made their concert experience even more electrifying.
5. The group of friends playfully teased Mark about his obvious crush on their new neighbor.
6. Her high school crush turned into a lifelong friendship.
7. A teenage crush can be both thrilling and confusing.
8. He kept his crush on a colleague a secret.
9. Their mutual crush blossomed into a beautiful romance.
10. A crush at first sight can leave you speechless.
11. The chemistry between them was undeniable in their crush.
12. She giggled with her friends about her crush on the barista.
13. His heart raced whenever he saw his crush.
14. The summer camp crush left lasting memories.
15. They shared stories of their childhood crushes.
16. Admitting a crush can be nerve-wracking.
17. A crush can inspire you to be your best self.
18. Some crushes remain unspoken, hidden in the heart.
19. The song reminded her of her teenage crush.
20. Crushes often bring a sense of youthful exuberance.
21. She finally mustered the courage to ask out her crush.
22. Crushes can be the source of both joy and heartache.
23. The school dance was the perfect setting for a crush.
24. He couldn't help but smile when he thought of his crush.
25. A crush can teach valuable lessons about emotions.

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