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Examples of 'crux' in a Sentence


1. The crux of innovation lies in solving complex problems and fostering creativity.
2. The crux of a good story is a compelling plot that engages and captivates readers.
3. Health is the crux of a fulfilling life, requiring balance and well-being.
4. Environmental sustainability stands at the crux of preserving our planet's future.
5. The crux of effective communication is conveying ideas clearly and concisely.
6. Education is often considered the crux of personal and societal progress.
7. The crux of happiness is finding contentment within oneself.
8. In scientific research, the crux is often discovering new insights.
9. Trust is the crux of any successful partnership or collaboration.
10. Identifying the crux of a problem is the first step towards a solution.
11. The crux of artistic expression is translating emotions into visuals or words.
12. The crux of innovation is pushing boundaries and seeking novel solutions.
13. The crux of leadership is guiding a team with vision and purpose.
14. The crux of adventure is stepping out of one's comfort zone.
15. The crux of motivation is setting clear goals and staying committed.
16. The crux of a good meal is the careful selection of ingredients.
17. The crux of environmental conservation is preserving natural resources.
18. Understanding the crux of a complex issue requires in-depth analysis.
19. The crux of a memorable song often lies in its catchy melody.
20. The crux of justice is ensuring fairness and equality for all.
21. The crux of effective parenting is providing love and guidance.
22. The crux of success is a combination of effort and opportunity.
23. Wisdom is often found at the crux of life's challenges and lessons.
24. The crux of scientific discovery is uncovering hidden truths about the world.

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