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Examples of 'crypt' in a Sentence

1. The crypt was opened to the public for special occasions and religious ceremonies.
2. Descending into the crypt, the visitors were enveloped by an aura of reverence and awe.
3. The crypt was said to be haunted, with tales of ghostly apparitions and unexplained phenomena.
4. The crypt was undergoing renovations to restore its original splendor and preserve its historical significance.
5. A secret passageway led from the main church to the hidden crypt, known only to a select few.
6. The ancient crypt beneath the cathedral held mysteries.
7. We explored the eerie crypt during the guided tour.
8. The crypt's stone walls echoed with centuries of history.
9. The crypt contained the remains of noble ancestors.
10. The candlelit crypt exuded an atmosphere of reverence.
11. The crypt's arched ceilings displayed intricate architecture.
12. The crypt served as a final resting place for monks.
13. The hidden crypt concealed valuable historical artifacts.
14. Descending into the crypt felt like stepping into the past.
15. The crypt's cool air provided relief from the scorching heat.
16. Visitors marveled at the crypt's ornate decorations.
17. The crypt was a place of solemn reflection and prayer.
18. The crypt's dark corners held untold stories.
19. The guide shared tales of the crypt's ghostly legends.
20. The crypt's history was intertwined with the church's.
21. The crypt's labyrinthine layout left us feeling lost.
22. The crypt's entrance was marked by an ancient door.
23. The crypt's preservation efforts attracted scholars.
24. Tourists often overlooked the crypt's hidden treasures.
25. The crypt's serenity offered solace to the grieving.

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