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Examples of 'cryptogram' in a Sentence

1. The cryptogram had a hidden message that revealed the location of the hidden treasure.
2. He spent hours deciphering the cryptogram, determined to unlock its secrets.
3. The website offered a daily cryptogram for users to solve, providing a fun mental exercise.
4. The secret society communicated through cryptograms to maintain their secrecy.
5. The cryptogram contest attracted participants from around the world, all eager to showcase their code-breaking skills.
6. Solving a cryptogram puzzle requires keen analytical skills.
7. Cryptograms challenge your intellect with hidden messages.
8. Cryptogram enthusiasts enjoy deciphering secret codes.
9. Newspapers often feature cryptogram puzzles for readers.
10. Cryptograms can be a fun way to test your wits.
11. Decoding a complex cryptogram can be a satisfying accomplishment.
12. Cryptograms date back to ancient civilizations' secret writings.
13. Cryptogram ciphers involve substituting letters with symbols.
14. Some cryptogram puzzles use famous quotes as the encoded message.
15. Cryptogram-solving apps have gained popularity among puzzlers.
16. Cryptograms engage your brain in a linguistic challenge.
17. Cryptogram books offer a variety of difficulty levels.
18. Cryptograms require both logic and language skills.
19. Solving cryptograms can be an addictive pastime.
20. Cryptograms are a timeless form of wordplay and encryption.
21. Cryptograms often include a clue to help solvers get started.
22. Cryptogram solutions reveal hidden words and phrases.
23. Mastering cryptograms involves pattern recognition.
24. Cryptogram enthusiasts appreciate the thrill of discovery.
25. Cryptograms add an element of mystery to word games.

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