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Examples of 'culinary' in a Sentence

1. The culinary scene in this city is known for its diversity and innovation.
2. Her culinary experiments in the kitchen resulted in some surprisingly tasty dishes.
3. The restaurant's culinary offerings are constantly evolving to keep up with changing tastes.
4. The culinary tour of the city included visits to some of the best restaurants and markets.
5. The cookbook is a comprehensive guide to mastering various culinary techniques and recipes.
6. The culinary world is filled with diverse flavors and techniques.
7. She pursued a culinary career to explore her passion for food.
8. Culinary schools teach students the art of gourmet cooking.
9. His culinary skills earned him a prestigious Michelin star.
10. The restaurant's culinary creations delighted the palate.
11. Culinary trends often reflect cultural influences.
12. He authored a book on the history of culinary traditions.
13. The culinary scene in the city is vibrant and ever-evolving.
14. The chef's culinary expertise was showcased in every dish.
15. Culinary competitions highlight the talent of chefs.
16. She embarked on a culinary adventure through Europe.
17. Culinary innovations often emerge from experimentation.
18. The culinary world is a blend of tradition and innovation.
19. His culinary creations were a harmonious blend of flavors.
20. Culinary artistry transforms simple ingredients into masterpieces.
21. The culinary industry offers a wide range of career opportunities.
22. She honed her culinary skills through years of practice.
23. Culinary traditions vary greatly from one region to another.
24. The culinary event featured renowned chefs from around the world.
25. Culinary experts are always exploring new taste sensations.

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