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Examples of 'culpable' in a Sentence


1. The manager took responsibility for the mistake and admitted to being culpable.
2. The employee's actions were deemed culpable for the breach of sensitive data.
3. The company's executives were held culpable for their role in the accounting scandal.
4. The evidence made it clear that the organization was culpable for neglecting workplace safety.
5. His lack of supervision rendered him culpable for the accident that occurred on his watch.
6. The whistleblower's revelations made several high-ranking officials appear culpable.
7. The media coverage portrayed the politician as culpable for the corruption scandal.
8. The faulty product design made the manufacturer culpable for the injuries sustained.
9. The court ruled that the landlord was culpable for the tenant's health issues due to mold.
10. Her silence during the incident made her feel culpable for the ensuing conflict.
11. The investigative report held the construction company culpable for using subpar materials.
12. The regulatory agency deemed the pharmaceutical company culpable for the unsafe drug.
13. Despite the company's attempts to shift blame, their negligence made them culpable.
14. The board of directors faced public outrage for their culpable role in the financial crisis.

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