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Examples of 'cumbersome' in a Sentence

1. The software was cumbersome and hard to learn.
2. The procedure was cumbersome and required a lot of steps to complete.
3. The process of filling out the form was cumbersome and confusing.
4. The task was cumbersome and required a lot of effort.
5. The system was cumbersome and in need of an upgrade.
6. The cumbersome suitcase, packed to the brim, strained his back.
7. The process was slow and cumbersome, causing delays.
8. The old computer, with its outdated software, was a cumbersome relic.
9. The paperwork, piled high on her desk, was a daunting and cumbersome task.
10. The legislation's language, riddled with legal jargon, was cumbersome to decipher.
11. The machinery, a hulking mass of metal, was large and cumbersome.
12. The project's complexity, with its intricate details, made it cumbersome to manage.
13. Navigating the convoluted legal system can be cumbersome and time-consuming.
14. The device's interface, with its confusing menus, was cumbersome and unintuitive.
15. The new regulations, laden with bureaucratic procedures, added a cumbersome layer of red tape.
16. The manual, with its technical diagrams and lengthy explanations, was cumbersome to read.
17. The cumbersome backpack, filled with books, weighed him down during the hike.
18. The furniture, old and massive, was cumbersome to rearrange.
19. The software's installation process, requiring multiple steps, was cumbersome for beginners.
20. The old system, with its outdated technology, was cumbersome and inefficient.
21. The cumbersome process of data entry significantly delayed the project.
22. The equipment, massive and intricate, was cumbersome and required a trained operator.
23. The project's sheer size and scope made it cumbersome to coordinate.
24. The document's excessive length and fine print made it cumbersome to review.
25. The form, with its many fields and checkboxes, was cumbersome to fill out completely.

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