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Examples of 'cumulative' in a Sentence

1. Small investments made consistently can have a cumulative effect on your finances.
2. The cumulative experience of the team made them well-equipped to handle any challenge.
3. The cumulative effect of his kind gestures made a big impact on her day.
4. The cumulative impact of years of hard work had paid off in his career.
5. The cumulative evidence in the case was overwhelming.
6. The cumulative effect of regular exercise on one's overall health and fitness becomes increasingly apparent over time.
7. Even small, consistent savings can have a significant cumulative impact on your financial well-being.
8. The project's success is not the result of a single action but rather a cumulative outcome of many coordinated efforts.
9. Errors in the production process can have a cumulative effect, leading to defects in the final product.
10. The data analysis reveals a clear cumulative trend, demonstrating a steady increase in user engagement.
11. Achieving success often requires a cumulative effort, with each small victory contributing to the ultimate goal.
12. Over time, the cumulative impact of sustainable practices on the environment becomes increasingly evident.
13. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle, including improved longevity and well-being, are cumulative in nature.
14. Each positive step you take toward your goals has a cumulative influence, propelling you closer to success.
15. Financial savings grow exponentially through cumulative deposits and compound interest.
16. The long-term study showed steady cumulative growth in the company's market share.
17. It's important to recognize that actions, even seemingly insignificant ones, can have a cumulative consequence on your life's trajectory.
18. The effects of early childhood education are cumulative, shaping a child's cognitive and social development over the years.
19. Cumulative gains in skill and knowledge result from consistent practice and dedication to one's craft.
20. Small, daily actions and habits lead to cumulative changes in behavior and lifestyle.
21. The benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise are cumulative over time, contributing to a longer, more vibrant life.
22. Mistakes and inefficiencies in a business process can have cumulative costs, affecting the bottom line over time.
23. Progress in any field is often the result of a cumulative achievement, with each discovery building upon previous knowledge.
24. The rewards of investing in personal growth and self-improvement are cumulative, enhancing your life in numerous ways.
25. The impact of education on an individual's life is cumulative, influencing their choices, opportunities, and outlook for years to come.

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