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Examples of 'cupidity' in a Sentence

1. Cupidity can cause individuals to prioritize wealth over happiness.
2. The politician's cupidity for power compromised his integrity.
3. The allure of gold can awaken the cupidity in even the noblest hearts.
4. Cupidity can turn close friends into bitter rivals.
5. The explorer's cupidity for rare artifacts led to dangerous expeditions.
6. Cupidity can lead to financial ruin if not kept in check.
7. The consequences of cupidity often outweigh the gains.
8. Cupidity can blind people to the needs of others.
9. The tale of the greedy dragon illustrates the destructive power of cupidity.
10. The couple's cupidity for luxury items strained their finances.
11. Cupidity can lead to unethical actions that harm society.
12. The con artist preyed on people's cupidity to swindle them.
13. The town's downfall was the result of the cupidity of its leaders.
14. The businessman's cupidity led to a life of opulence but moral emptiness.
15. His cupidity was insatiable, and he was always seeking ways to acquire more wealth.
16. She was disgusted by his cupidity and refused to have anything to do with him.
17. His cupidity knew no bounds, and he was willing to do whatever it took to get what he wanted.
18. The cupidity of the bankers led to the collapse of the economy.
19. She was surprised by the depth of his cupidity, as he seemed like such a kind and generous person.
20. The ancient Romans believed that cupidity was one of the seven deadly sins.
21. The politician was accused of corruption and cupidity after it was discovered that he had accepted bribes.
22. His cupidity was so great that he was willing to risk his reputation and career for a chance at more money.
23. The love of money, or cupidity, is often said to be the root of all evil.

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