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Examples of 'curb' in a Sentence

1. The restaurant introduced healthier menu options to curb unhealthy eating habits.
2. The teacher implemented strategies to curb disruptive behavior in the classroom.
3. The community organized a neighborhood watch program to curb crime rates.
4. The country implemented strict measures to curb the spread of the virus.
5. The company installed security cameras to curb theft in the workplace.
6. The government aims to curb pollution with stricter regulations.
7. She decided to curb her spending to save for a vacation.
8. The teacher used discipline to curb unruly behavior in class.
9. To curb overeating, he practiced mindful eating techniques.
10. They implemented speed limits to curb accidents on the road.
11. The company adopted policies to curb workplace harassment.
12. The mayor promised to curb crime rates in the city.
13. To curb procrastination, set daily goals and stick to them.
14. The doctor advised him to curb his sugar intake for health.
15. The coach worked to curb his team's turnovers in the game.
16. Conservation efforts seek to curb deforestation in the region.
17. She used meditation to curb anxiety and stress.
18. The campaign aimed to curb substance abuse among youth.
19. To curb littering, fines were imposed in public areas.
20. The new law intends to curb illegal online activities.
21. They organized community patrols to curb vandalism.
22. He needed to curb his impulsive reactions in meetings.
23. The strict policy helped curb cheating in the exam.
24. The organization's goal is to curb hunger globally.
25. Public awareness campaigns aim to curb smoking rates.

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