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Examples of 'curdle' in a Sentence

1. She didn’t want to curdle the milk, so she added vinegar very slowly.
2. The chef knew exactly how to curdle the cream for the recipe.
3. The eerie scream made his blood curdle in fright.
4. Don't curdle the mixture by adding cold butter to it.
5. The mayonnaise began to curdle once the oil was added too quickly.
6. Before adding lemon juice, make sure the milk is warm enough to curdle.
7. The yogurt will curdle if you keep it past its expiration date.
8. The horror stories he told made my blood curdle.
9. To curdle the soy milk, you can use a coagulant like nigari.
10. The chemical reaction caused the liquid to curdle and thicken.
11. The chef explained how the acid in vinegar causes the proteins in milk to curdle.
12. She was careful not to let the eggs curdle when making custard.
13. The sauce started to curdle when he added wine to it.
14. Be cautious when making Hollandaise sauce, as high heat can cause it to curdle.

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