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Examples of 'cure' in a Sentence

1. The cure for the patient's chronic pain involved a combination of physical therapy and medication.
2. The vaccine was hailed as a major breakthrough and potential cure for the global pandemic.
3. The doctor assured the patient that with time and proper treatment, a cure was possible.
4. A healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, is often touted as a preventive measure and potential cure for many diseases.
5. The discovery of penicillin revolutionized medicine, providing a powerful cure for bacterial infections.
6. The discovery of a new cure for cancer brought hope to patients.
7. Antibiotics are a common cure for bacterial infections.
8. Herbs and natural remedies are often sought as an alternative cure.
9. The search for a cure for Alzheimer's disease continues.
10. Vaccines are a vital tool in preventing diseases rather than a cure.
11. A cure for the common cold remains elusive.
12. The doctor prescribed a cure for his persistent headaches.
13. The scientist's groundbreaking research led to a potential cure.
14. Access to affordable healthcare is crucial for those seeking a cure.
15. Supportive care can enhance the effectiveness of a cure.
16. Finding a cure for rare diseases requires extensive research.
17. The holistic approach considers the mind and body in seeking a cure.
18. Stem cell therapy shows promise as a future cure.
19. Early detection can increase the chances of a successful cure.
20. The pharmaceutical industry invests heavily in developing cures.
21. She pursued alternative medicine in search of a cure.
22. Prevention is often more effective than a cure for diseases.
23. The search for a cure for HIV/AIDS remains a global priority.
24. The patient's hope for a cure grew stronger with each treatment.
25. They celebrated the discovery of a cure for a deadly virus.

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