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Examples of 'curfew' in a Sentence

1. They violated the curfew to attend the midnight show.
2. The curfew limited nightlife in the city.
3. The curfew disrupted the normal flow of activities.
4. Curfew violations resulted in fines.
5. The curfew was extended due to the pandemic.
6. The curfew aimed to reduce noise complaints.
7. Teenagers often push the boundaries of curfew.
8. The curfew had a significant impact on businesses.
9. The curfew was necessary during the hurricane.
10. Curfew restrictions were gradually eased.
11. He received a warning for breaking curfew.
12. The curfew affected the city's tourism industry.
13. They respected the curfew to support public safety.
14. Curfew compliance was critical in times of crisis.
15. The curfew was imposed in order to maintain public safety.
16. He was arrested for violating the curfew.
17. The curfew hours were from 10pm to 6am.
18. The curfew was lifted after the situation had stabilized.
19. The curfew was a temporary measure to control the spread of the virus.
20. He was one of the few people who were exempt from the curfew.
21. The curfew was widely ignored by the public.
22. The curfew was a source of frustration and inconvenience for many.
23. The curfew was enforced by the police.
24. The curfew was extended in certain areas due to increased criminal activity.
25. The curfew was not effective in controlling the riots.
26. The curfew was lifted after several weeks.

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