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Examples of 'curmudgeon' in a Sentence

1. The curmudgeon's perpetual scowl intimidated anyone who dared to approach him.
2. Even though he was a curmudgeon, he had a soft spot for stray animals and would secretly feed them.
3. The curmudgeon at the library shushed anyone who made the slightest noise.
4. The curmudgeon's grumpy demeanor couldn't dampen the cheerful atmosphere of the holiday party.
5. The curmudgeon's negative attitude was contagious, spreading discontent among those around him.
6. The old curmudgeon next door yelled at kids for playing near his lawn.
7. Don't be a curmudgeon; try to enjoy the party!
8. The curmudgeon's constant grumbling annoyed everyone at work.
9. Despite his curmudgeon reputation, he secretly cared for animals.
10. The curmudgeon's scowl scared away most salespeople.
11. She found humor in the curmudgeon's cranky rants.
12. The family's holiday dinner was often marred by the curmudgeon's complaints.
13. The curmudgeon's heart softened when he met his granddaughter.
14. Even the curmudgeon had to smile at the surprise party.
15. The curmudgeon's wit made his sarcasm strangely endearing.
16. Behind the curmudgeon's tough exterior was a lonely soul.
17. The curmudgeon's eccentricities made him a neighborhood legend.
18. The curmudgeon's vintage car collection was his pride and joy.
19. The curmudgeon's stories of the past fascinated the grandchildren.
20. The curmudgeon's pet cat was his only true companion.
21. Despite his curmudgeon demeanor, he was a generous tipper.
22. The curmudgeon's handwritten letters were filled with advice.
23. The curmudgeon's garden was a hidden oasis of beauty.
24. The curmudgeon's vintage record player filled the room with music.
25. The curmudgeon's wisdom was sought after by the entire town.

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