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Examples of 'curt' in a Sentence

1. The officer's instructions were curt but clear.
2. His curt manner made it hard to approach him.
3. The response to the question was curt and dismissive.
4. He offered only a curt nod in response.
5. The receptionist's tone was unusually curt today.
6. The manager's email was brief to the point of being curt.
7. She gave a curt dismissal to his proposal.
8. The interviewee's answers were disappointingly curt.
9. The reply was curt, indicating a lack of interest.
10. He received a curt warning about his behavior.
11. The chef's response to the complaint was curt.
12. The customer's curt feedback was unexpected.
13. Her curt message conveyed annoyance.
14. The supervisor's feedback was curt and unsatisfactory.
15. His curt response to my question made me feel like he was annoyed with me.
16. The boss was known for his curt management style, which intimidated his employees.
17. Her curt tone on the phone made me think she was having a bad day.
18. The customer service representative's curt reply only worsened the situation.
19. The teacher's curt comment on my paper made me feel like she didn't care about my work.
20. The waiter's curt attitude made us feel unwelcome in the restaurant.
21. The employee's curt email to the customer caused a complaint to be filed.
22. The judge's curt dismissal of the case angered the plaintiff.
23. The doctor's curt explanation left the patient feeling confused and anxious.
24. The politician's curt response to the reporter's question showed a lack of transparency.
25. The athlete's curt interview after the game drew criticism from the media.

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