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Examples of 'curtail' in a Sentence

1. The school plans to curtail the school day for younger students.
2. The chef had to curtail the menu due to ingredient shortages.
3. We must curtail our spending to stay within our budget.
4. The drought forced us to curtail our water usage.
5. The athlete had to curtail his training due to an injury.
6. The team decided to curtail the project's scope to meet the deadline.
7. She decided to curtail her social media usage for better focus.
8. The city implemented measures to curtail traffic congestion.
9. We need to curtail our reliance on fossil fuels for a greener future.
10. The pandemic forced us to curtail our travel plans.
11. The professor had to curtail the lecture due to time constraints.
12. They are working to curtail the illegal wildlife trade.
13. It's essential to curtail excessive screen time for kids.
14. To improve productivity, we should curtail multitasking.
15. The government's decision to curtail funding for the program led to its eventual discontinuation.
16. The company's new policy will curtail the number of sick days employees are allowed to take.
17. The decision to curtail the project was made due to budget constraints.
18. The new regulations are intended to curtail emissions from industrial plants.
19. The travel restrictions were put in place to curtail the spread of the virus.
20. The decision to curtail the event was made in response to the public health crisis.
21. The decision to curtail the program was met with strong opposition from its supporters.
22. The government's decision to curtail subsidies for renewable energy led to a decrease in investment in the sector.
23. The curfew was put in place to curtail the number of people out on the streets during the pandemic.
24. The company had to curtail its expansion plans due to the economic downturn.
25. The decision to curtail the hours of operation was made to reduce costs.
26. The government increased stamp duty on second homes to curtail property portfolios and excess profiteering.

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