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Examples of 'customary' in a Sentence

1. In some regions, customary dress varies among different tribes.
2. Saying "please" and "thank you" is a customary form of politeness.
3. It's customary to stand when a senior enters the room in certain cultures.
4. Serving tea to guests is a customary hospitality gesture in many countries.
5. Offering condolences with flowers is a customary practice at funerals.
6. The customary way to celebrate a birthday varies from culture to culture.
7. In some places, haggling over prices is customary in markets.
8. Observing silence in places of worship is a customary practice.
9. It's customary for the bride to wear a white wedding dress in Western weddings.
10. The customary greeting in France is a kiss on both cheeks.
11. In some societies, arranged marriages are still customary.
12. In many cultures, giving gifts during the holidays is a customary tradition.
13. Observing a moment of silence on Remembrance Day is customary.
14. In some countries, eating with your hands is customary for certain dishes.
15. It's customary to address elders with honorific titles in some Asian cultures.
16. The customary way to express sympathy is to send a condolence card.
17. Kissing the hand of an elder is a customary sign of respect.
18. In some regions, it's customary to break bread when welcoming guests.
19. Observing a minute of silence on Memorial Day is a customary tradition.

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