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Examples of 'cutting' in a Sentence

1. The movie delivered a cutting social commentary, forcing viewers to question their own biases.
2. His cutting analysis of the company's financial situation prompted immediate action from the board of directors.
3. With her cutting insights into human behavior, the psychologist could often predict outcomes that others could not foresee.
4. The lawyer's cutting closing argument swayed the jury, leading to a favorable verdict for his client.
5. Amidst the cacophony of voices, her cutting observations on the issue stood out distinctly.
6. The poet's cutting use of imagery and metaphor brought new depth to an otherwise mundane topic.
7. The athlete's cutting competitive edge made him a formidable opponent in every game he played.
8. The chef's cutting precision while preparing dishes was almost hypnotic to watch, even for those who weren't fans of cooking.
9. His cutting review of the new book sparked a wave of controversy, fueling heated debates across various platforms.
10. In the midst of a diplomatic meeting, her cutting response to the opposing delegate was unexpected but well-timed.
11. The cutting edge of the surgeon's scalpel was crucial in successfully completing the delicate operation.
12. He had a cutting ability to identify the weak points in an argument, making him an excellent debater.
13. The reporter's cutting exposé led to multiple resignations and a complete overhaul of the organization.
14. The artist’s cutting critique of consumer culture was embedded in each intricate brushstroke of his painting.
15. Her cutting intelligence allowed her to excel in academics, leaving her classmates perpetually amazed.
16. The playwright's cutting dialogue gave each character depth and complexity, making the drama unforgettable.
17. As an activist, she employed cutting rhetoric to spotlight injustices that were otherwise ignored.
18. The cutting irony of the situation was not lost on him, as he pondered the choices that led him there.
19. The novel’s cutting depiction of a dystopian society served as a grim warning for future generations.
20. During the business meeting, his cutting evaluation of the new proposal left everyone speechless.
21. The scientist made cutting advancements in renewable energy, revolutionizing the entire industry.
22. The politician's cutting comeback during the debate became an instant highlight, making headlines the next day.
23. As a mentor, her cutting guidance shaped young minds, instilling a spirit of relentless inquiry and determination.
24. The magician's cutting sleight of hand was so skillful that even the most discerning audience members were fooled.


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