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Examples of 'cynicism' in a Sentence

1. Her cynicism towards authority figures made her question every decision.
2. The comedian used cynicism as a tool to critique societal norms.
3. The professor's cynicism towards the education system was evident in his lectures.
4. The cynicism of the older generation often clashed with the optimism of the youth.
5. The journalist's cynicism towards politicians made her a trusted voice for the people.
6. The constant news of corruption and scandals increased public cynicism towards politicians.
7. The politician's speeches were filled with cynicism, causing many to question his sincerity.
8. She developed a deep cynicism towards romantic relationships after a series of heartbreaks.
9. The cynicism in his voice was evident as he dismissed the charitable intentions of the wealthy.
10. The cynicism in the room was palpable as the CEO made yet another empty promise.
11. Growing up in a corrupt environment fostered a sense of cynicism in her outlook on politics.
12. The journalist's article exposed the cynicism behind the company's supposed ethical practices.
13. He approached the project with cynicism, convinced that it would ultimately fail.
14. The cynicism in her laughter betrayed a lack of belief in genuine kindness.
15. The film portrayed a world engulfed in cynicism, where trust and compassion were rare commodities.
16. Despite facing cynicism from her peers, she remained steadfast in her optimistic beliefs.
17. The professor's lectures on human nature often delved into the depths of cynicism.


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