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Examples of 'dabble' in a Sentence

1. The children were encouraged to dabble in various sports to find their interests.
2. She began to dabble in writing short stories after reading a captivating novel.
3. The artist liked to dabble with different art mediums to explore her creativity.
4. He was known to dabble in politics and express his opinions on social issues.
5. The students were encouraged to dabble in different subjects to discover their passions.
6. She decided to dabble in gardening and planted a small vegetable patch.
7. He likes to dabble in woodworking and has built several furniture pieces.
8. The professor advised his students to dabble in different research areas before specializing.
9. The young writer decided to dabble in poetry and wrote a collection of heartfelt verses.
10. She dabbled in computer programming and developed a simple mobile app.
11. He decided to dabble in yoga and attend a few introductory classes.
12. The company wanted to dabble in new markets to expand their business.
13. She decided to dabble in interior design and redecorated her living room.
14. She liked to dabble in painting but never pursued it seriously.
15. He would dabble in different hobbies, never mastering one.
16. They dabble in photography as a fun weekend activity.
17. She decided to dabble in cooking new recipes occasionally.
18. He tends to dabble in various sports, trying something new each season.
19. They enjoy dabbling in gardening, experimenting with different plants.
20. She would occasionally dabble in writing short stories.
21. He chose to dabble in learning a few phrases of different languages.
22. They dabble in DIY projects when they have spare time.
23. She likes to dabble in fashion design as a creative outlet.
24. He decided to dabble in music, trying his hand at playing the guitar.

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