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Examples of 'dally' in a Sentence

1. The artist would dally with different color palettes before finalizing her painting.
2. She had a tendency to dally in front of the mirror, trying on different outfits.
3. The cat would dally with the string, swatting at it playfully.
4. He would often dally with the idea of quitting his job and pursuing his passion.
5. The group decided not to dally and continued their hike without taking breaks.
6. She would dally with different recipes, experimenting with flavors in the kitchen.
7. The children were reminded not to dally at the playground and return home before dark.
8. He couldn't afford to dally with his studies and focused on his exams instead.
9. She would often dally in bookstores, browsing through different genres.
10. The couple decided to dally in the city for a few more days before heading back home.
11. He would dally with different workout routines, trying to find one that suited him best.
12. The salesperson would dally with potential customers, trying to convince them to buy.
13. She decided not to dally and immediately started packing for her trip.
14. The dog loved to dally with its favorite toy, wagging its tail in excitement.


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