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Examples of 'dangerous' in a Sentence

1. Venturing into the dense forest at night without proper lighting is a dangerous idea.
2. The wild animals in the safari park should be observed from a safe distance as they can be dangerous.
3. Handling firearms without proper training and precautions can lead to dangerous accidents.
4. Crossing the busy intersection during rush hour can be extremely dangerous for pedestrians.
5. The high-speed roller coaster ride provided a thrilling but potentially dangerous experience.
6. Speeding on icy roads is incredibly dangerous.
7. The wild animal's presence posed a dangerous threat.
8. Playing with fire can be dangerously reckless.
9. Her reckless behavior in traffic is dangerous.
10. Extreme sports can be thrilling but dangerous.
11. The storm's high winds made travel dangerous.
12. Venturing into the wilderness unprepared is dangerous.
13. Handling toxic chemicals without protection is dangerous.
14. The gang's activities made the neighborhood dangerous.
15. The faulty wiring in the building is a dangerous hazard.
16. Crossing a busy street without looking is dangerous.
17. Hiking in the desert without water is dangerous.
18. The criminal's unpredictable behavior is dangerous.
19. Swimming in strong currents can be very dangerous.
20. The slippery sidewalk is dangerously icy.
21. Reckless driving is dangerous for everyone on the road.
22. The unstable bridge is dangerously close to collapsing.
23. Trespassing on private property can be dangerous.
24. Drug abuse is a dangerously destructive habit.
25. The venomous snake is considered highly dangerous.

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