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Examples of 'dated' in a Sentence

1. His collection of vinyl records was filled with dated music from the 70s and 80s.
2. The interior decor of the restaurant seemed dated, with its retro wallpaper and furnishings.
3. The professor's lecture notes were outdated and filled with dated scientific theories.
4. The fashion magazine featured a spread on dated trends from the 90s making a comeback.
5. The old photographs in the album had a beautifully nostalgic, dated quality to them.
6. His fashion sense is so dated; it's straight from the '80s.
7. The software's interface feels old and dated.
8. The building's design appears quite dated now.
9. Her music taste is a bit dated, all '70s hits.
10. The technology they use is incredibly dated.
11. That slang term is totally dated; no one says it anymore.
12. The decor in the restaurant feels somewhat dated.
13. The sitcom's humor comes across as dated today.
14. His beliefs on gender roles are painfully dated.
15. Their marketing strategy seems outdated and dated.
16. The car's design looks dated compared to newer models.
17. The website's design feels clunky and dated.
18. The textbook's information is becoming dated.
19. The film's special effects are now considered dated.
20. His taste in literature is rather dated and classical.
21. The software's functionality is limited and dated.
22. The vintage clothing store specializes in dated styles.
23. The architecture of the museum is impressively dated.
24. The music from that era sounds a bit dated now.
25. The slang from his youth is hopelessly dated today.

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