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Examples of 'deadlock' in a Sentence


1. The deadlock in the peace negotiations has prolonged the conflict in the region.
2. The team's inability to score led to a goalless deadlock in the soccer match.
3. The shareholders' meeting ended in a deadlock as shareholders were evenly split on the proposed merger.
4. The deadlock in the software development project halted progress until a solution was found.
5. The economic standoff between the two countries resulted in a trade deadlock, impacting businesses on both sides.
6. The negotiations reached a deadlock, with neither side willing to compromise.
7. The courtroom was in a tense deadlock as the jury struggled to reach a verdict.
8. The traffic jam resulted in a frustrating deadlock on the highway.
9. In chess, a deadlock occurs when neither player can make a legal move.
10. The company's board meeting ended in a financial deadlock.
11. The political debate hit a deadlock as neither candidate gained an advantage.
12. The labor strike led to a deadlock in production at the factory.
13. The peace talks between the warring nations faced a seemingly endless deadlock.
14. The students' council election ended in a surprising deadlock.
15. The stock market experienced a deadlock, causing uncertainty among investors.
16. The dispute over the property boundary led to a legal deadlock.
17. Negotiations between the union and management remained at a frustrating deadlock.
18. The international trade negotiations were at a critical deadlock.
19. The computer system froze, causing a frustrating deadlock in productivity.
20. The courtroom drama reached a dramatic deadlock with unexpected evidence.
21. The game of tug-of-war ended in a thrilling deadlock.
22. The standoff between the two rival gangs resulted in a dangerous deadlock.
23. The United Nations struggled to break the deadlock in the peace talks.
24. The deadlock in Congress prevented the passage of important legislation.
25. The sports match went into overtime due to a tense deadlock.

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