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Examples of 'deal' in a Sentence

1. She sealed the deal with a firm handshake and a smile.
2. The dealer shuffled the deck and dealt the cards to the players.
3. The chef prepared a delicious three-course meal deal for the customers.
4. They struck a deal to exchange their collectible cards.
5. The investor decided to walk away from the deal due to unfavorable terms.
6. They struck a lucrative business deal that benefited both parties.
7. The real estate deal involved a prime property in the city center.
8. A fair trade deal was essential for global economic stability.
9. The contract outlined the terms of their partnership deal.
10. The merger deal was met with skepticism from shareholders.
11. The government signed a historic peace deal with the rebels.
12. Negotiating a fair deal required compromise from both sides.
13. The athlete's endorsement deal boosted their career and income.
14. They sealed the deal with a firm handshake and a smile.
15. Closing the multi-million-dollar deal took months of negotiations.
16. The international trade deal had far-reaching economic implications.
17. The confidential deal had a non-disclosure agreement attached.
18. His entrepreneurial spirit led to a successful startup deal.
19. The business tycoon orchestrated a mega-deal in the tech industry.
20. Their strategic partnership deal enhanced market competitiveness.
21. The investment deal promised substantial returns for investors.
22. A well-structured licensing deal secured their intellectual property.
23. The diplomatic summit aimed to broker a peace deal.
24. Negotiating the labor union's contract deal was challenging.
25. The celebrity's endorsement deal with the brand was a marketing coup.


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