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Examples of 'debacle' in a Sentence


1. The financial meltdown was a complete debacle, and many people lost their life savings.
2. The investment turned out to be a complete debacle, and he lost all of his money.
3. The concert was a debacle, with technical issues and poor performances.
4. The school's fundraiser was a complete debacle, with very little money raised.
5. The relationship ended in a complete debacle, with both parties walking away hurt and angry.
6. The political campaign was a complete debacle, and the candidate was soundly defeated.
7. The film was a critical and financial debacle, and the studio lost a lot of money.
8. The party was a complete debacle, with fights breaking out and the police being called.
9. The company's expansion plans ended in a complete debacle, with the new branches performing poorly and causing financial losses.
10. The product launch turned into a marketing debacle.
11. The team's performance in the game was a complete debacle.
12. The political scandal became a national debacle.
13. The financial debacle resulted in massive losses.
14. The company's merger was a costly debacle.
15. The movie's poor reviews turned it into a box office debacle.
16. The project's planning was a logistical debacle.
17. The restaurant's grand opening was a culinary debacle.
18. The software update turned into a technical debacle.
19. The diplomatic negotiations ended in a peace treaty debacle.
20. The failed experiment was a scientific debacle.
21. The public relations debacle tarnished the company's image.
22. The construction project became a budgetary debacle.
23. The social media campaign turned into a PR debacle.
24. The party's organization was a logistical debacle.


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