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Examples of 'debar' in a Sentence

1. The regulatory authority can debar companies that violate safety regulations.
2. The organization has the power to debar members who breach the code of conduct.
3. The board of directors decided to debar the executive for embezzlement.
4. The disciplinary committee may debar students who engage in academic misconduct.
5. The licensing authority can debar professionals who provide substandard services.
6. The association has the authority to debar members for non-payment of dues.
7. The court can debar a witness from testifying if they are found to be unreliable.
8. The accreditation body can debar institutions that fail to meet the required standards.
9. The medical board may debar doctors who are found guilty of malpractice.
10. The competition committee can debar participants who violate the rules.
11. The financial institution can debar customers with a history of fraudulent activities.
12. The review board may debar authors who submit plagiarized research papers.
13. The disciplinary panel decided to debar the student from participating in extracurricular activities.
14. The student was debarred from the exam for cheating.


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