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Examples of 'debase' in a Sentence


1. The use of profanity in public can debase the conversation.
2. The plagiarist's actions debased the integrity of academia.
3. The cheating athlete's behavior debased the spirit of fair competition.
4. The unethical businessman's practices debased the industry's reputation.
5. The rude customer's behavior debased the restaurant's atmosphere.
6. Counterfeiting money can debase a nation's currency, eroding trust.
7. The scandal threatened to debase his reputation and legacy.
8. To debase art with commercialism is a disservice to creativity.
9. Corrupt leaders can debase the ideals and aspirations of a nation.
10. Advertisers often debase genuine emotions for profit, manipulating feelings.
11. The use of inferior materials can debase the product's quality, disappointing customers.
12. Some argue that reality TV shows debase culture, celebrating shallowness.
13. To debase oneself for personal gain is unethical and undermines integrity.
14. The goal is to elevate, not debase, public discourse through meaningful dialogue.
15. Manipulative tactics can debase the integrity of a debate, hindering understanding.
16. Greed can debase even the noblest of intentions, leading to corruption.
17. Deceptive marketing practices can debase consumer trust, harming brands.
18. Critics claim that certain films debase societal values, glorifying violence.
19. The decision to cut corners can debase a project's integrity, risking safety.
20. Some feel that social media can debase meaningful connections, promoting superficiality.
21. Scandals can debase the image of a respected institution, tarnishing its reputation.
22. Fraudulent schemes debase the financial industry's reputation, damaging trust.
23. To debase one's character through lies is regrettable, hurting relationships.
24. The choice to plagiarize can debase an academic career, leading to consequences.
25. Dishonesty can debase the trust within a relationship, causing rifts.


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