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Examples of 'debauch' in a Sentence


1. The cult leader was accused of using his position to debauch his followers.
2. The once-peaceful protest began to debauch into chaos and violence.
3. His attempt to debauch the jury with false information was quickly discovered.
4. After years of hard work, they decided to take a break and debauch in the Caribbean.
5. Some critics argue that excessive consumerism can debauch the human spirit.
6. They were worried that the introduction of gambling would debauch their community.
7. She refused to let the fame and attention debauch her dedication to charity.
8. The king’s advisers were concerned that his penchant for excess would debauch the kingdom.
9. It's disheartening to see a person of such talent let addiction debauch their life.
10. The ancient festival was once sacred but has now been debauched into a commercialized event.
11. He wrote a book about how his travels debauched his naive worldview.
12. The excessive praise and adulation seemed to debauch the young actor's sense of humility.
13. She started a campaign to prevent companies from using advertisements to debauch children's eating habits.
14. The charismatic temptress debauched the innocent young man, leading him down a path of vice and indulgence.


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