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Examples of 'debilitate' in a Sentence

1. Doctors tried to prevent the medication from having a debilitate effect on her health.
2. The team was concerned that the new regulations would debilitate their project.
3. The illness did not debilitate her; instead, it strengthened her resolve.
4. He felt the long journey would debilitate him before he even began his mission.
5. She worried that the constant criticism would debilitate her son's self-esteem.
6. Harsh weather conditions can debilitate the structural integrity of buildings.
7. They found that prolonged isolation could debilitate mental health.
8. The community was concerned that the factory’s emissions might debilitate the local ecosystem.
9. It was clear that the strenuous exercise routine was starting to debilitate him.
10. To avoid debilitate effects, they decided to change strategies.
11. Some argue that an over-reliance on technology could debilitate society in the long term.
12. The poison was slow-acting and served to gradually debilitate its victim.
13. The endless arguing seemed to debilitate the entire family’s ability to communicate.
14. The soldiers’ morale was debilitate after the loss of their leader.


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