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Examples of 'debouch' in a Sentence

1. The crowd began to debouch from the stadium after the final whistle of the game.
2. It’s quite a sight when the animals debouch from their enclosures into the open fields during feeding times.
3. The miners will debouch from the tunnels at the end of their shifts.
4. The thrill-seekers will debouch from the roller coaster both exhilarated and relieved.
5. The train is expected to debouch from the tunnel into the scenic mountainside.
6. The graduate students will debouch from the university hall in their caps and gowns on commencement day.
7. The convoy will debouch from the base at 0600 hours to begin the humanitarian mission.
8. Once the lockdown was lifted, shoppers started to debouch onto the streets in droves.
9. The river debouched into a wide delta before flowing into the sea.
10. Rivers often debouch into wide deltas, teeming with biodiversity.
11. After the hike, we'll debouch into a serene, spacious meadow.
12. The stream will debouch into the ocean, merging waters.
13. Underground springs debouch into the tranquil blue lake.
14. Through the canyon, waters debouch into the vast valley.
15. Hidden pathways debouch into secret, sunlit clearings.
16. In the forest, a narrow trail will debouch into open fields.
17. As explorers, we often debouch into unseen, magical lands.
18. Winding roads debouch into expanses of desert splendor.
19. Mountain trails debouch into panoramic, breathtaking views.
20. In caves, winding paths debouch into large, echoing chambers.
21. Dark alleys debouch into bustling, vibrant cityscapes.
22. A tunnel will debouch into the realm of radiant sunlight.
23. The small creek will soon debouch into the roaring river.
24. Amidst the woods, footpaths debouch into peaceful glades.

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