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Examples of 'debris' in a Sentence

1. The tornado left a trail of destruction and debris in its wake.
2. The cleanup crew worked tirelessly to remove the debris left by the landslide.
3. The artist created a unique sculpture using recycled debris from a junkyard.
4. The plane crash left a heartbreaking scene of debris and wreckage.
5. A fallen tree limb was among the debris blocking the hiking trail.
6. The abandoned factory was filled with rusted machinery and debris.
7. The riverbanks were lined with debris carried downstream by the floodwaters.
8. The explosion sent debris flying in all directions, causing chaos.
9. The museum displayed artifacts made from debris collected from historical sites.
10. The hurricane's aftermath left the town in ruins and debris strewn everywhere.
11. The detective carefully examined the debris for clues to the cause of the fire.
12. The street cleaners diligently worked to clear the debris after the parade.
13. The demolition crew systematically cleared the debris from the old building.
14. The avalanche left a massive pile of snow and debris at the base of the mountain.

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