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Examples of 'decadence' in a Sentence

1. The aristocracy's decadence contrasted sharply with the poverty and suffering of the lower classes.
2. The artist's paintings captured the essence of decay and decadence in modern society.
3. The rise of luxury brands reflected the growing demand for indulgence and decadence.
4. The nightclub was a hotspot for those seeking an evening of decadence and pleasure.
5. The writer's critique of society's decadence struck a chord with readers, sparking a debate on societal values.
6. The opulent palace symbolized the era's decadence.
7. Some critics argue that our society is in a state of moral decadence.
8. The decadence of the ancient empire led to its downfall.
9. The lavish party epitomized the decadence of the elite.
10. The decadence of the art world was evident in extravagant exhibitions.
11. A sense of decadence pervaded the extravagant feast.
12. The decline of traditional values was seen as a sign of decadence.
13. The novel explored the inner turmoil of a life steeped in decadence.
14. The decadence of the era was reflected in its fashion trends.
15. Critics lamented the decadence of contemporary literature.
16. The societal decadence was evident in the rise of hedonistic lifestyles.
17. The city's nightlife was a hub of hedonistic decadence.
18. Economic inequality was seen as a driver of societal decadence.
19. The film portrayed the tragic consequences of moral decadence.
20. The decadence of the ruling class led to unrest among the masses.
21. Art deco architecture reflected the era's sense of decadence.
22. The political scandal was a stark example of moral decadence.
23. Critics argued that technological advancements could lead to societal decadence.
24. The decadence of the aristocracy contrasted with the poverty of the masses.
25. The period of political decadence saw the rise of authoritarian regimes.

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