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Examples of 'decamp' in a Sentence

1. The refugees were forced to decamp from their makeshift shelters due to an approaching storm.
2. After the party, the guests slowly began to decamp and head back home.
3. The army had to decamp overnight to surprise the enemy during their march.
4. The campers were instructed to decamp and pack up their tents before sunrise.
5. The film crew had to decamp from the city due to permit issues.
6. The burglars managed to decamp from the crime scene before the police arrived.
7. The nomads would decamp and follow the herds in search of fresh grazing areas.
8. The settlers decided to decamp from their current settlement and explore new territories.
9. The rock band planned to decamp from the tour bus and take a break before their next show.
10. The political campaign team had to decamp and relocate to a more strategic location.
11. The troops were ordered to decamp from their position and retreat to a more defensible spot.
12. The adventurers had to decamp from their base camp and continue their ascent up the mountain.
13. The scouts were taught how to quickly decamp and leave no trace behind in the wilderness.
14. The thieves decamped from the scene of the crime before the police arrived.


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