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Examples of 'deceit' in a Sentence

1. His deceitful actions cost him the trust of his colleagues.
2. Deceit has a way of poisoning relationships and causing irreparable damage.
3. The character in the novel was known for his cunning and deceit.
4. Her deceitful nature made it difficult for others to trust her.
5. Deceit lurks in the shadows, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.
6. The master manipulator used deceit as a weapon to control others.
7. She saw through his deceitful words and chose not to believe him.
8. The web of deceit grew more intricate with each passing day.
9. He resorted to deceit to cover up his mistakes and avoid facing the consequences.
10. The company's deceitful advertising misled consumers into buying their product.
11. Deceit breeds suspicion and erodes the foundation of any relationship.
12. The protagonist was caught in a web of deceit and had to find a way to escape.
13. The deceitful businessman manipulated the stock market for personal gain.
14. The truth always triumphs over deceit in the end.
15. The politician's campaign was filled with deceit and false promises.
16. Trust was shattered due to the web of deceit woven by the con artist.
17. The detective unraveled the web of deceit to uncover the truth.
18. The company's financial statements were riddled with deceit and hidden losses.
19. The scammer used deceit to trick unsuspecting victims out of their money.
20. His actions were driven by a desire for power and deceit.
21. The deceit of the business partner led to the downfall of the company.
22. The novel's plot was filled with twists, turns, and deceit.
23. The whistleblower exposed the deceit within the corrupt organization.
24. The friendship was irreparably damaged by the lies and deceit.
25. The court case involved a complex web of deceit and manipulation.

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