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Examples of 'deceitful' in a Sentence

1. The deceitful advertising misled consumers into purchasing a subpar product.
2. She couldn't believe her partner's deceitful actions behind her back.
3. The deceitful contractor cut corners and delivered shoddy workmanship.
4. The deceitful scheme unraveled when evidence of the fraud came to light.
5. Trust was broken due to the deceitful behavior of the team leader.
6. Her deceitful actions shattered trust within the team.
7. The deceitful salesman manipulated customers with false promises.
8. He uncovered her deceitful scheme to embezzle funds.
9. The deceitful tactics used in the election raised eyebrows.
10. The novel's protagonist was known for his deceitful nature.
11. The deceitful emails were phishing attempts to steal data.
12. Their deceitful behavior damaged their reputation.
13. The deceitful plot of the movie kept viewers guessing.
14. He was caught in a web of deceitful lies.
15. The deceitful disguise fooled no one for long.
16. The deceitful scheme was exposed by a vigilant whistleblower.
17. Deceitful politicians erode public trust in government.
18. The deceitful con artist targeted vulnerable individuals.
19. A deceitful smile hid her true intentions.
20. His deceitful nature made it hard to discern his motives.
21. The deceitful message lured recipients into a scam.
22. The deceitful tactics of the scam artist preyed on the gullible.
23. The deceitful plot twist shocked the audience.
24. The deceitful act of plagiarism resulted in severe consequences.
25. Deceitful actions often lead to legal repercussions.

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