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Examples of 'deceive' in a Sentence


1. If you deceive someone, sooner or later the truth will come out.
2. Her tears were genuine, and she had no intention to deceive anyone with her emotions.
3. The old map was so inaccurate that it seemed to deceive rather than guide.
4. They created an elaborate hoax to deceive the media.
5. You should never deceive yourself into thinking that bad actions have no consequences.
6. She tried to deceive me, but I saw through her lies.
7. Deceptive advertising can deceive consumers into buying products.
8. He used his charm to deceive people into trusting him.
9. Don't let appearances deceive you; things are not always as they seem.
10. The magician's illusions can deceive even the keenest observers.
11. Her intentions were to deceive, not to be honest.
12. The con artist managed to deceive dozens of unsuspecting victims.
13. His smile could deceive anyone into thinking he was friendly.
14. The elaborate ruse was meant to deceive the enemy.
15. Trust is fragile; once broken, it's hard to rebuild after being deceived.
16. Her words were crafted to deceive and manipulate.
17. The elaborate disguise was designed to deceive onlookers.
18. The fake documents were used to deceive authorities.
19. Appearances can deceive; always verify the facts.
20. The email was a phishing attempt to deceive users into revealing passwords.
21. Deception is not a sustainable way to maintain relationships.
22. Don't be easily deceived by empty promises.
23. The cunning plan aimed to deceive their adversaries.
24. His actions were meant to deceive, not to reveal the truth.
25. Deceiving others may bring short-term gains but long-term losses.

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