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Examples of 'deceptive' in a Sentence

1. The defendant's deceptive testimony attempted to distort the truth of the matter.
2. The camouflage of the chameleon is a deceptive adaptation for blending into its surroundings.
3. The online scam used deceptive emails to trick people into revealing their personal information.
4. The maze's deceptive paths confused the participants, making it challenging to find the exit.
5. The spy's deceptive appearance allowed them to blend in seamlessly with the enemy's ranks.
6. The magician's deceptive tricks left the audience in awe.
7. His smile concealed a deceptive intent beneath it.
8. The product's deceptive packaging masked its flaws.
9. The politician's promises turned out to be deceptive.
10. The painting's beauty was deceptive, hiding its age.
11. Her calm demeanor was deceptive, masking her anxiety.
12. The dessert's appearance was deceptive; it tasted awful.
13. The company's deceptive practices led to a lawsuit.
14. The forest's silence was deceptive; danger lurked within.
15. The website's deceptive ads misled many consumers.
16. The calm sea's surface was deceptive; a storm brewed.
17. The spy used a deceptive disguise to infiltrate the enemy.
18. The email's subject line was deceptive clickbait.
19. The athlete's speed was deceptive, catching opponents off guard.
20. The maze's simplicity was deceptive; it was hard to solve.
21. The actor's deceptive performance fooled even critics.
22. The night's serenity was deceptive, hiding the chaos.
23. The quiet town had a deceptive underbelly of crime.
24. The book's cover was deceptive, not reflecting its content.
25. The mirror's reflection was deceptive, distorting reality.

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