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Examples of 'decide' in a Sentence

1. Let's decide on a place to meet for lunch.
2. He needs to decide if he wants to take the job offer.
3. They decide to donate to a charity every month.
4. I decide to learn a new language this year.
5. The teacher will decide the topic of the next project.
6. We should decide what to bring to the potluck.
7. If you don't decide soon, the tickets will be sold out.
8. The jury will decide the verdict after deliberations.
9. The kids decide to build a treehouse in the backyard.
10. She couldn’t decide which book to read next.
11. The manager will decide who gets the promotion.
12. He can’t decide whether to have tea or coffee.
13. The community will decide on the new playground's design.
14. The weather will decide if the game is postponed or not.

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