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Examples of 'decipher' in a Sentence


1. It took them days to decipher the encrypted document.
2. The linguist was able to decipher the ancient manuscript.
3. We need to decipher the meaning behind these symbols.
4. They used a special software to decipher the encrypted files.
5. He couldn't decipher the meaning of her enigmatic smile.
6. The team worked together to decipher the intricate code.
7. The codebreaker had the skills to decipher the enemy's messages.
8. She tried to decipher the hidden message in the painting.
9. It's like a puzzle; you have to decipher the clues.
10. The ancient hieroglyphs proved challenging to decipher.
11. The scientist used advanced techniques to decipher the genetic code.
12. Can you decipher the meaning of these mysterious symbols?
13. They used a codebook to help decipher the intercepted messages.
14. The software can automatically decipher and translate foreign languages.
15. He was able to decipher the ancient text with the help of a translation guide.
16. The code was difficult to decipher, but eventually, the message was revealed.
17. I'm trying to decipher the meaning of this cryptic message.
18. The scientist was able to decipher the genetic code.
19. The archaeologist spent years trying to decipher the hieroglyphs.
20. The detective tried to decipher the criminal's motives.
21. She had to decipher the instructions on the recipe to prepare the dish.
22. The team of experts worked together to decipher the code.
23. I'm trying to decipher the handwriting on the old document.
24. The historian was able to decipher the historical document and uncover new information.
25. It took him hours to decipher the message hidden in the puzzle.

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