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Examples of 'decisive' in a Sentence

1. His swift and decisive response averted a potential disaster.
2. The referee's decisive call had a profound impact on the game.
3. The general's strategic and decisive maneuvers secured victory.
4. In a crisis, her decisiveness is a beacon of hope.
5. Decisive negotiations yielded a mutually beneficial agreement.
6. The judge's decisive ruling finally brought justice to the case.
7. The captain's decisive orders ensured the crew's safety.
8. A decisive leader fosters trust and loyalty within the team.
9. Decisive action is imperative to tackle this pressing issue.
10. The president's decisive policies shaped the nation's trajectory.
11. She made a decisive career choice that reshaped her life.
12. A single decisive vote determined the election's outcome.
13. In uncertain times, his unwavering decisiveness was reassuring.
14. Decisive moments define our individual and collective destinies.
15. The CEO's decisive leadership helped the company overcome a major crisis.
16. The judge made a decisive ruling that resolved the long-standing legal dispute.
17. The candidate's decisive debate performance helped them secure the nomination.
18. The scientist's decisive experiment confirmed their hypothesis and advanced their research.
19. The coach's decisive decision to make a substitution changed the course of the game.
20. The general's decisive strategy led to a successful military campaign.
21. The manager's decisive action prevented a potential workplace accident.
22. The investor made a decisive move by selling their stocks before the market crashed.
23. The surgeon's decisive skill in the operating room saved the patient's life.
24. The diplomat's decisive negotiations resulted in a historic peace agreement.
25. The teacher's decisive feedback helped the student improve their academic performance.

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