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Examples of 'declaim' in a Sentence

1. The teacher asked if anyone would like to declaim a poem before the class.
2. The activist will declaim against the proposed policy at the town hall meeting.
3. She will declaim lines from a famous play for her audition.
4. The poet will declaim some of his new poems at the literature festival.
5. The debate team will declaim their arguments in a structured manner.
6. The choir will declaim verses from ancient hymns during the service.
7. The union leader will declaim the terms they are seeking during the negotiation.
8. The lecturer will declaim on the importance of renewable energy sources.
9. The tour guide will declaim the historical significance of the ancient ruins.
10. The principal will declaim the school's achievements at the annual day function.
11. The director will declaim his thoughts on the future of cinema during the conference.
12. The lawyer will declaim in favor of his client during the court proceedings.
13. The student body president will declaim plans for the coming year at the assembly.
14. He declaimed the poem with great passion and expression.

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