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Examples of 'declaration' in a Sentence


1. The professor handed out the declaration of the assignment's due date.
2. The declaration of love left her speechless and overwhelmed with emotion.
3. The board of directors released a declaration outlining their new strategic direction.
4. The treaty included a mutual non-aggression declaration between the two nations.
5. The court ruled that the declaration of innocence was based on insufficient evidence.
6. The artist's declaration of artistic freedom pushed the boundaries of traditional art.
7. The declaration of a ceasefire brought hope for an end to the long-standing conflict.
8. The student made a declaration of intent to pursue a career in medicine.
9. The declaration of a public health crisis prompted urgent measures to contain the outbreak.
10. The declaration of war mobilized the nation's armed forces.
11. The politician's declaration of candidacy sparked debates among voters.
12. The company issued a declaration of ethics to guide employee behavior.
13. The proclamation was a declaration of gratitude to the community for their support.
14. The president's declaration addressed the nation's concerns.
15. Her heartfelt declaration of love moved everyone present.
16. The company issued a declaration of its new sustainability goals.
17. The diplomatic declaration sought to ease international tensions.
18. His public declaration of support boosted the campaign.
19. The declaration of independence marked a historic moment.
20. The athlete's declaration of retirement surprised fans.
21. A unanimous declaration was needed to pass the resolution.
22. The court awaited the witness's sworn declaration.
23. The company's declaration of bankruptcy shocked investors.
24. The treaty included a mutual defense declaration.

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